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Link to PDF Mashima K and Meshorer E (2023) Editorial: Emerging concepts and tools in genome organization and chromatin function in eukaryotes Curr Opin Cell Biol 78:102120

Link to PDF Sorek M and Meshorer E (2022) Can’t smell the virus: SARS-CoV2, chromatin organization, and anosmia Dev Cell 57:1081-1082

Link to PDF Meshorer E, Plath K (2020) Chromatin and Nuclear Architecture in Stem Cells Stem Cell Rep

Link to PDF Lim PSL and Meshorer E (2020) Dppa2 and Dppa4 Safeguard Bivalent Chromatin in order to Establish a Pluripotent Epigenome Nat Struct Mol Biol

Link to PDF Viegas JO & Meshorer E (2019) The Princess and the P: Pluripotent Stem Cells and P-Bodies. Cell Stem Cell, 25(5):589-591.

Link to PDF Schlesinger S & Meshorer E (2019) Open Chromatin, Epigenetic Plasticity, and Nuclear Organization in Pluripotency. Dev Cell, 48(2):135-150.

Link to PDF Livyatan I & Meshorer E (2017) Forward and reverse epigenomics in embryonic stem cells. In: Handbook of Nutrition, Diet and Epigenetics. VR Preedy & VB Patel (eds.). pp.1-20

Link to PDF Gokhman D, Meshorer E & Carmel L (2016) Epigenetics: It's Getting Old. Past Meets Future in Paleoepigenetics. Trends Ecol Evol, 31(4):290-300

Link to PDF Harikumar A & Meshorer E (2015) Chromatin remodeling and bivalent histone modifications in embryonic stem cells. EMBO Rep. 15(12):1609-1619

Link to PDF Meshorer E (2014) Epigenetics one stem at a time. Cell Stem Cell. 14(6):708

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Link to PDF Meshorer E (2013) SyStem cell biology, A systems biology approach to pluripotent stem cells. Systems Biomed 1:1-3

Link to PDF Livyatan I and Meshorer E (2013) The HDAC interaction network. Mol Syst Biol 9, 671

Link to PDF Aaronson Y and Meshorer E (2013) Stem cells: Regulation by alternative splicing. Nature 498, 176-177

Link to PDF Cohen-Carmon D and Meshorer E (2012) Polyglutamine (polyQ) disorders: The chromatin connection. Nucleus, 3(5):433-41

Link to PDF Biran A and Meshorer E (2012) Chromatin and genome organization in reprogramming. Stem Cells, 30(9):1793-9

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Link to PDF Melcer S and Meshorer E (2010) Chromatin plasticity in pluripotent cells. Essays Biochem 48(1): 245-62.

Link to PDF Melcer S and Meshorer E (2010) The silence of the LADs: dynamic genome-lamina interactions during ESC differentiation. Cell Stem Cell, 6:495-7.

Link to PDF Mattout A and Meshorer E (2010) Chromatin plasticity and genome organization in pluripotent embryonic stem cells. Curr Opin Cell Biol, 22:334-41

Link to PDF Raghu Ram E and Meshorer E (2009) Transcriptional competence in pluripotency. Genes Dev, 23:2393-8

Link to PDF Meshorer and Gruenbaum (2009) NURD keeps chromatin young. Nat Cell Biol, 11:1176-1177

Link to PDF Prokocimer M, Davidovich M, Nissim-Rafinia M, Wiesel-Motiuk N, Bar D, Barkan R, Meshorer E and Gruenbaum Y (2009) Nuclear lamins: key regulators of nuclear structure and activities. J Cell Mol Med, 13:1059-85

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Link to PDF Meshorer E (2008) Imaging chromatin in embryonic stem cells. StemBook,

Link to PDF Meshorer E and Gruenbaum Y (2008) Rejuvenating premature aging disease. Nat Med. 14:713-715.

Link to PDF Takizawa T and Meshorer E (2008) Chromatin and nuclear architecture in the central nervous system. Trends Neurosci. 31:343-352.

Link to PDF Meshorer E and Gruenbaum Y (2008) Gone with the Wnt/Notch: stem cells in laminopathies, progeria and aging. J Cell Biol. 181:9-13.

Link to PDF Meshorer E (2007) Chromatin in embryonic stem cell neuronal differentiation. Histol. Histopathol. 22:311-319.

Link to PDF Meshorer E and Misteli T (2006) Chromatin in pluripotency and embryonic stem cell differentiation. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 7:540-546

Link to PDF Meshorer E and Soreq H (2006) Virtues and woes of acetylcholinesterase alternative splicing in stress related neuropathology. Trends Neurosci. 29:216-224

Link to PDF Meshorer E and Misteli T (2005) Splicing misplaced. Cell, 122:317-318



Link to PDF

Meshorer E (2008) Eran Meshorer: getting a chromatin perspective. In: People and Ideas. Interview by Caitlin Sedwick. J Cell Biol. 182: 618-619


Link to PDF Meshorer E (2006) Iran is sixth, not second, in Middle East publication list. Nature. 443: 271.



The Cell Biology of Stem Cells (2010), Landes Bioscience. Eran Meshorer & Kathrin Plath, Editors

Meshorer E and Soreq H (2004) Stressed Out: on the molecular biology of stress responses. Van-Leer Institute publishers, Hakibutz Hameuchad, Jerusalem. Hebrew manuscript.



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